Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The child, the whisper

Last week, without prompting, our just-turned-four-years-old girl, Maria, recounted the Bible story she learned at preschool that day.  As she has maybe only once before shared with me a story from school, I was a bit surprised that she shared so easily on our bus ride home that day.

Then I realized her little girl voice was Jesus reminding me to be like Mary, not "Marker."  You see, she said, when Jesus came to Mary and Marker's house, Marker was busy cooking and cleaning.  But Mary, well, she was not busy, but was listening to Jesus.

Jesus does not need my doing.  No, He wants my face to be turned toward His. To be quiet and listen.

Again, I heard the Spirit whisper to me as I sat on the floor in front of the mirror with baby Anne.  She locked eyes with her reflection before her.  She reached out to touch her face.  She smiled and giggled.  She was learning who she is.

Become like a child, came the reminder.  Like Anne, look into my soul.  See myself.  Stop and gaze at the reflection without shying away from the person I see.  Smile at me, the one who reflects my Creator.  Find the beauty.

I cannot give myself away if I am ashamed of me, embarrassed at my reflection, afraid to be seen, even by my own eyes.

The voice, the face of a child.  What can I expect when I have five little souls constantly by my side?  Jesus is finding me.


  1. Beautiful, I loved these last two posts, thanks so much for capturing your thoughts and finding the time to write them down. You absolutely nailed it with the image of the mirror--good to have children around who remind us that it's good to look at yourself and smile! (and sheep to remind us that it is equally good to be caught and carried) :)

  2. Sweet Maria :) I am so glad to hear that God's words are being imprinted on her heart. Michelle, I have loved hearing from your heart through this blog and have been encouraged too. Thanks for sharing so much insight into your own growth and the life of your family. I love you all and miss every single one of you so much. Can't wait for you to return to Orlando. Love, Leah (and Trevor)