Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Settling In

You know it's starting to feel like home when:

You hear your children humming the Australian national anthem in the shower...

On the bus, Maria casually asks, "How many stops 'til we get off?"

The kids are collecting awards at school for excellence in effort and character...

The school headmaster's motto sounds familiar... Socks up, shirts tucked, jacket immaculate.

The tooth fairy comes for a visit.

Friends check in with your kids to be sure no one's been messing with them... 

The boys have nicknames and call others by theirs.  Wesley is "Little Brock" and Brock is "Big Wesley" because they apparently look so much alike. 

Halfway through our stay in Australia, and it seems like we've just arrived.  Still it feels like home in so many ways.  We are all growing up, learning much about life, about ourselves, trying new things, and taking a good look at who we want to be.

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  1. I am encouraged to hear you all are settling in :) Just don't settle in so much that you don't come back. I selfishly want you and your children close by me :) Miss you all!